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Divisional Secretariat -  Elahera

Our Vision

"To be the best Divisional Secretariat in the Island by the year 2023"

Our Mission

"Providing th clients with an Efficient Service by using the Available Resources of the Institution and through proper coordination with other Relevent Institutions and, Thereby Developing the whole Division of the Divisional Secretariat and Uplifting the living condition of its people"

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And Pivoting

City of Pulathisi

In the Divisional Secretariat of Elahera.

Surrounded by Forestry

The Island of Puathisi

That carries towards the high way of Development

And also the shelter for Elahera Commoners

Is Elahera Divisional Secretariat........


Comes under Polonnaruwa District within 80 -15 & 80 – 55 Longitudes of the one inch map and situated within Northern Latitude of 9 – 45 & 7.45.

Elahera is situated in dry zone. Elahera belongs to half plain zone. Situated at 100 – 900 feet above sea level. Three geological divisions are identified.

They are:

    Lower Mountains

    River Valleys and Plain Lands.

    Rocky and mountainous slopes.


The Ambanganga (a name of a river) is diverted to the East at Naula (a name of a village) that starts from Knuckles (a mountain range similar to the bones on clenched fist). This conversion of Ambanganga carries water along (Giant Canal) Yoda Ela. During rainy season streamlet can be seen during the North – East rains. The Ambanganga flows down the Elahera Colony feeding the Parakrama Samudra (King Parakrama had built this tank to the shape of an ocean is believed)

Among economical valued minerals gems take the prime place. Lime and plumbago is deposited in the deep earth (Prior tests are rectified in this regard)


North - East monsoon brings rain. Generally dry weather prevails. Tanks and irrigating canals balance the environment.


There is historical evidence that runs beyond the history that Elahera had far inheritance to mineral technology and also tribal system capable of irrigation system. It bears evidence that a tribe of that type inhibited in here. They greatly inherited to a greatly high standard of culture which is dropped from us.

There were three united governing bodies centred to Anuradhapura. It was subdivided into 108 units. Known as “Three Sinhala”. These divisions were known as countries. Central or Rajarata possessed forty four countries. From forty four countries, third was “Alisara Ratta”. Alisra evolved into Elasera and finally into Elahera. The Alisara country was within the boundaries of “ Sura Ambawana” from West, “Ambawana” from North West, “ Janapada Country” ( colonized country) from North. From there from Alisara Village ( Elagomuwa) to Konduruwa (Konduruwawa) to Ambangnaga Dela came in. Aali village was the main gate of Alisara. Wilgamuwa (Namalath Dura) Dewagiri, Dasgiri were villages belonging to Alisara Country. Some of the names of places from Maya Country to Pulannaru (Polonnaruwa) are mentioned in the Historical Documents. Thalaththalakaththali (Thalagoda) Milana Kaddur (unidentified) Ki Rat (Hiratiya), Uddakurangama Ado kurnagama (unidentified), Haththana Kandwalagama ( Aththanakadwala) are among these places.

The live wire of Alisara is Alisara Casnal. It was a fantastic creation in irrigation technology that runs down the history of the Reign of King Wasabha but factors are found that Alisara cannot run beyond the Reign of King Wasabha. After that in many occasions it was further nurtured by Mahasen, Agbo I , Agbo II , Wijayabahu the Great and Parakramabahu. Thus Alsisara was further developed and made fertile lands from Ambanganga, western banks of Great Waluka River. Historical evidence has found that Alisara Canal, Haththota sluice, Minneriya kawdulla, Kantale to sea was used to sail ships in 12th century.

The down fall of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa colonies were due to invasions of Kalinga Magha.

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